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    A Community of Creatives, Agencies, & Resellers.  

  • What is the Producer Suite?


    Total Creative Freedom

    To leverage our tool set at a price point where you can get started without going broke, is genius.


    From influencers, to artist, and, from marketing consultants, to media agencies, all of them need the same thing.


    The talent to develop creative that sells, and the software to allow them to work their magic.


    The cost of those tools is keeping some from getting started, the lack of skills is keeping others out all together.


    The Producer Suite is the Small Business and StartUps best value.


    You'll get Tech-talent, tools, training, and outsourcing solutions unified for your success.


    This is a full spread of services that fit your budget, and provides for solid go to source to get started as a freelancer, or media agent.


    Scalable Freedom

    Launch with

    No Skills, or

    a Ton of Skills.

    Got a Tiny Budget?

    We have a plan that's perfect.  


    The Producer Suite starts at $19.95

    per month.


    To grow from just a Soloprenuer for $19.95 per month is a steal when you get to immediately put your best foot forward and have the opportutnity to get started for so little upfront capital.


    Having some skin in game, doesn't have to cause pain.


    We wanted no barrier to entry, so we've got it down to the bone so you can still make a commission from referring others as soon as you come onboard.


    Express Your Freedom.

    When You Can't Tell Your Story, You Can't Sell Your Story.


    A slice of the social media technology that puts your audience in your arena, is priceless.


    The Producers Suite gives you your own social commerce store, a live video streaming conference solution, a podcasting service, and syndicated advertising.


    This is how you create revenue, by leveraging our tool sets, your expertise, or ours and our syndication systems.


    This gives you a fair start on your journey of being a creative producer and offering others a place to speak their minds, share their thoughts freely, and keep the doors of free enterprise wide open.


    IGNITOR STUDIOS is the place to secure your ability to create income from your talents with our tools, services, and expertise to back you.

  • Tools and Partners

    The Producers Suite Core Providers and Networks.

  • 3 Steps Launch

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    Get a Free Education

    You need to know exactly how to launch your freelencer agency, and the various ways of getting started today.


    The shortest distance between two needs is a stright up powerful offer to get peoples attention.


    You need to earn a living, and others need to buy digital creative that brings them customers without spending a fortune to get customers on their website, event, or podcast.


    We've got that covered.




    Be a Lifeline.

    When you price creative today, you face a few hurtles. How long it will take to get the job done, and how much will you have sell to make a profit from what it cost to produce your creative.


    What if you could sell a pay as you grow offer that doesn't break the bank, and gives solid value for the price?


    The only thing that could make that better, is to be able to offer an instant lead magnet tailored to thier niche in a matter of one or two days, and in some cases, our pre-packaged lead magnets are on-demand.


    Syndacation Delivered

    What's makes this work is that we are constantly growing our syndication capacity, and it will grow at record speed as time goes by.


    If you want to be a creative producer, we have the tools, the price point, the expertise, the syndication, and the vision to help you create a place for yourself.


    Start off with us and you'll have places to grow, and a team pushing the edge on how to get your talent, your ambition, your connections to work for you.


    Leverage the Producers Suite, and our growing professional network.


    Growing Networks of Talent, Technology, and Opportunity.

  • Select Your Producers Suite

    Outsource Solutions for Marketing.

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    Starter Agency


    per month

    35% Commission


    We Service Clients


    Sales Pages Updated


    Customer Support Included


    SaaS Suite for Marketing


    Plus 20% of Event Sales

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    Agency Plan

    The Entreprenuers. 


    per month

    45% Commission


    Starter Plan

    Included Plus:


    We Service Agents Clients


    Rotator Marketing for Agents


    Plus 15% of Event Sales to Us

  • The Producer Suite

    The Plan to Scale Your Business.

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    Resellers Plan

    The Outsourcers.


    per month

    50% Commission


    Agency Plan

    Included Plus:


    Assist In Client Management


    Consultive Support for Ads


    1st Eyes On New SaaS


    Plus 10% of Event Sales to Us

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    JV Agency Plan

    The Producers. 


    per month

     65% Commission


    OutSourcers Plan

    Included Plus:


    Zoom Client Consulting


    Event Production Support


    Turnkey Brand Automation


    Plus 5% of Event Sales to Us